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The Canadian Retail Education Association (CREA) provides a community in which members can share information, mutually consider emerging trends and issues, disseminate retail thought leadership through research and teaching practices, raise the professional profile of retail careers, and provide development opportunities for student and educators through conferences, online publications, showcases (experiential/applied learning practices), student competitions, and shared resources.
Membership Categories

1.  Individual (Voting) Membership $50.00 (CDN)

Individual voting membership includes faculty or administrators at colleges or universities. For non-Canadian institutions, members representing schools offering equivalent programs will be voting members. The number of members from any college or university shall be unlimited, as long as each member meets the above criteria.


2.  Corporate Membership  $75.00 (CDN)

Corporate membership may be extended to individual retail industry professionals who have an interest in making a contribution to academic teaching and research in retailing.  

3.  Student (Voting) Membership  $10.00 (CDN)

Students at Canadian post-secondary institutions are eligible to become members. Graduate students enrolled in programs of study in academic disciplines involving retailing issues, or teaching retail courses in programs at accredited universities are also eligible to become student members.  Students enrolled in Post diploma programs at Community Colleges related to retailing are also eligible to become student members.

(Membership fees must be renewed on an annual basis.)

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