October 28-29, 2019


The Charrette is an intensive, interdisciplinary team learning experience.  CREA works with retail industry partners to identify a “real-life” problem scenario, which will be revealed to teams on day one before collaborating to design a solution within a specified time limit.  This year's Charrette will be held at Ryerson University's Ted Rogers School of Retail Management (55 Dundas Street West, Toronto) from Monday, October 28th to Tuesday, October 29th.  


After student teams are formed and introduced to the problem, they will hear from several industry experts, conduct a field tour, and be given time to work on their solution.  Please note that students may want to keep working together – on their own time - after 5 pm on October 28th.

Student Teams

There will be several competing teams with interdisciplinary backgrounds composed of 4-6 students from CREA member institutions/programs.  Each institution will send the names and email addresses of their students to the organizing committee - before October 1st.  

CREA Coaches

Each CREA institution should also provide a faculty member or senior student coach who can be in attendance October 28th & 29th.  These coaches will provide input and guidance to their assigned student teams.

Charrette Assignments & Judging

The Charrette can be integrated with different course requirements – i.e., the judges will provide feedback and marking based on the following rubric.  Please note that the marking scheme and criteria can be adjusted to suit particular course requirements. 

If you have integrated particular course requirements related to the Charrette, please let us know for judging purposes. We will also be reaching out to recruit judges.


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